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“[Lemuel] has a way of utterly captivating an audience. When he speaks, the room is intense with listening thought, and, when he finishes, a standing ovation is common. His poetry is intelligent and thought provoking."


Natasha Ganem, Ph.D., Lecturer,

University of Georgia

"[Lemuel's] warmth, sincerity, and poetic style are all equally captivating as he draws young and old alike into careful consideration of the many pressing issues of our age.”


Sally Harris,

Humanities Department, Upper School,

Athens Academy  

"Lemuel is doing a remarkable work for young people in the United States through the game of chess.  What he started in Athens inspires myself and many others to step forward and improve our communities.  Keep doing the work, Lem."


David Hubbard

"Lemuel 'Life' LaRoche is not only the quintessential servant leader and artist, he is also a super hero to me. There are only a handful of people that I would describe as super heroes. These are individuals with gigantic hearts full of love and compassion, who go above and beyond to make sure community needs get met.  Their super powers include but are not limited to kindness, authenticity and the ability to make the impossible, possible.  Due to his humility, he will never reveal the "L" on his chest but Life is truly a super man!"


Ricky Simone: The Hip Hop Activist


"Life has inspired my children both through poetry and chess and community. He motivates them "to think before making a move", and encourages us all to give back to our community. He is truly a blessing to Classic City."


Mokah Johnson

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