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Recording my History

Whoever said having a baby will change your life was making light of their experience. The arrival of my son has changed me in so many ways and on so many levels. I now see my mortality and immortality. I understand clearly many of the lessons my father tried to instill within me. There is nothing in the world I won't do to protect and perserve his survival.

With that said, I'm well aware that I live in a world where others are given the task to tell the story of my community, the story of little black boys. The stories are usually told from the standpoint of the victims regressing to their lowest points for survival, while overlooking the institional policies that have created this desperate situation. As innocent as my son may be, the world will sadly see him as a criminal before they get to know him. Knowing this, it is my DUTY to prepare him for the battlefield he will one day encounter. Every few days, I do a audio recording where I sit him on my chest and talk about life, history, challenges that I endure and the steps I take to overcome them. I tell him about his grandfathers and great grandfathers' wisdom and skills. I tell him about his grandmothers and great grandmothers' sense of humor and kindness. I warn him about diabetes and high blood pressure and how to avoid both with his diet. I warn him of foods he should stay away from and how grapes once had seeds in them.

I encourage more parents to do this with their children. I plan to put the audio record away for him to find when he is older and mature. Maybe this will be the spark that guides him if/when he becomes disconnected from his being and purpose.

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