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Life has a way of utterly captivating an audience. When he speaks, the room is intense with listening thought, and, when he finishes, a standing ovation is common. His poetry is intelligent and thought provoking.

Natasha Ganem, Ph.D., Lecturer

University of Georgia

"Rare is the breed that shares gifts of great magnitude that Life [the] Griot possesses. Grabbing your mind's eye by pulling you in with thought-provoking, uplifting, inspirational, infectious reasoning to get you uplifted."

                                                          Marquver Christie

  Actress, Writer

  Natural Hair Stylist

"[The first thought that comes to mind as it relates to Life the Griot] is Water!  Like the flowing River, the message of Life is carried every day to countless people seen and unseen who will benefit from his resourcefulness...Life has a way that is simple yet absolutely necessary just like WATER!...Thank you brother for your contribution. We thank the Most High and our Ancestors for Life!"


Aba Imhotep Shaka

World DJ/ Healer

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