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Hidden Ripples:

Life's Unspoken Language

Hidden Ripples is a metaphor for life.  It's a collection of short stories that reveals the hidden language merging the human world with the unknown.​  Hidden Ripples is a great family read. Hidden Ripples is riddled with comedy,  spiritual overtone, inspiration, and an unique prespective that will cause the reader to translate the world through a different set of lens.

Tree of Life:

The Human Ascension

Tree of Life: The Human Ascention is a collection of poetry spanning the author's ten year journey to find wisdom and clarity within. Each poem is a leaf to reveals the author's inner feelings which is divided into branches to make up this Tree of Life series. Life aims to guide readers on their own path to inspiration and awareness through this masterpiece of poetic discourse. 

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De-Programming: 101

Live Rendition

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Life the Griot

18X24 Poster

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What can one man do?

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